How Long Do Air Mattresses Last If You Use It Everyday

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Air mattresses are fantastic because they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to stow away. 

If you’re constantly on the move or have multiple guests staying at your home, they’re exceptionally useful. It saves you from buying a standard bed if it’s not convenient. Also, you don’t need to keep it inflated all of the time. 

However, many people ask how long air mattresses last if you use them every day. 

In this guide, we’ll look at the best ways to use your air mattress to ensure a longer lifespan. Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your product.

Let’s get started!

How Long Do Air Mattresses Last if You Use Them Regularly?

There are many reasons why people might use air mattresses every day. Usually, it’s a matter of convenience or affordability. 

Perhaps you are renting an unfurnished room and plan to move far away after the lease expires. An air mattress is a more practical solution than a standard horsehair mattress. Or it could simply be a matter of cost. However, your air mattress will slowly lose air over time. 

Of course, this depends a lot on how you treat it. If you’re careful with it, it will last for much longer. You may need to inflate it occasionally, but most of these products are relatively robust. 

Do I Need to Inflate My Air Mattress Every Day?

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll need to inflate your air mattress daily. 

It’s likely that you’ll pump it up properly again after six months of daily use. But this depends on the quality of the product and how you use it. Cheaper air mattresses may require more frequent inflation.

Most air mattresses have a lifespan of about eight years of frequent use. After this point, you’ll probably want to replace it. 

Remember, they are not designed to replace a standard mattress. However, many customers use them in this capacity for the reasons we’ve already discussed. 

How to Prevent An Air Mattress from Deflating

There are many easy ways to prevent an air mattress from deflating too quickly. Try to keep these in mind if you’re using one every day. 

Take a look!

Don’t Exceed the Maximum Weight

Air mattresses have different weight limits depending on their size. 

It makes sense that a queen-size air mattress has a heavier maximum capacity than a single version. If you exceed these limits, then you will inflate it more often. There’s also a greater risk of damage over time. 

Standard inflatable beds typically have an allowance of 300 lbs.

However, they’re still only designed for one person. If two 150 lbs (or less) people sleep on the bed, their weight will spread disproportionately across the mattress. This can put the mattress under unwanted pressure. 

Don’t exceed the maximum capacity of an airbed for either weight or occupants. 

Check out these guidelines for industry-standard weight limits: 

  • Twin size – 300 lbs for one person
  • Full size – 450 lbs for two people
  • Queen size – 600 lbs for two people 

Of course, it’s fine for one person to sleep on a bigger air mattress!

Avoid Over-Inflation

If you overfill your mattress with air, it may cause structural damage. 

Don’t worry, it won’t just suddenly burst. But there is more chance of it leaking air. The seams can stretch, creating space for air to escape. If this goes unnoticed and you use the bed regularly, the damage may increase. That’s why you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and inflate the airbed to a safe limit. 

A standard air mattress inflates in under five minutes. 

Keep Children and Animals Away

If you’re one of those people who loves to snuggle with their dog in bed, we’re sorry. 

This is a terrible idea for owners of air mattresses for obvious reasons. Animals like dogs and cats have sharp nails that can puncture your bed.

If you’re a pet owner in a studio or an apartment with limited space, you may even need to deflate your mattress on a daily to protect it. Yes, this is tedious, but it’s better than your puppy chewing it apart!

Typically small children also find original and creative ways to damage airbeds. Once again, stow it away when you know that they’re going to be present. Otherwise, you’ll see them jumping up and down on it with their shoes on. 

Any parent reading this will surely be nodding in agreement. 

Deflate it Regularly

Admittedly this may seem too much effort if you use an airbed every day. However, it’s still the best way to protect the long-term integrity of your mattress. 

Firstly, you can inflate it again to the correct limit. This will ensure that it’s supporting your weight better. As well as protecting the bed, it’s also better for your back. Another reason is that accidents can happen. 

If you want to guarantee that nothing unfortunate will happen to your air mattress, simply deflate it. Then stow it away in its protective bag. Anybody who lives in a small apartment may even enjoy the extra space. 

Then blow it up again in about five minutes when you want to use it. 

Don’t Sit on the End

It’s unwise to sit on the edge of an air mattress. This is where all of the seams are. 

If you place pressure on these areas and shuffle around, it may cause them to tear. You should lie flat on the mattress so that you can proportionally spread your body across it. In the worst-case, sitting on the edge can result in a leak. There’s even a chance that it could alter the shape of the inflated mattress. Then you would have to deflate it and refill it again. 

Store Your Air Mattress Correctly 

Don’t leave your air mattress lying around, even if you have deflated it. 

There’s still a chance it could suffer a tear or a snag. That’s why it’s a good idea to secure it in its cupboard or box. Avoid tossing it randomly into an attic or basement because there’s more risk of damage. Ideally, it should be in a cool, dark, and dry place. 

Sleepers will sweat throughout the night so try to clean it regularly too. Otherwise, mold may grow during hot and humid conditions. Likewise, keep it out of the sun when possible. 

Choose An Air Mattress That Will Last Longer

When you buy a new air mattress, you should consider certain aspects. Let’s look at them now. 

Weight Limits

We’ve already discussed weight restrictions, but it’s one of the most important points to bear in mind. 

If you know that two people will regularly sleep on the airbed, then plan accordingly. It’s a bad idea to buy a smaller mattress to try and save money. In the long term, it could even work out to be more expensive. 

That’s because you’ll have to repair or replace your broken air mattress. 

Avoid Budget Options

Usually, in this world, you get what you pay for. 

Unfortunately, that’s true of air mattresses too. If you intend to sleep on your new air mattress every night, you should buy the best one you can afford. Otherwise, it could turn your effort to sleep into a living nightmare. 

Most respected manufacturers also offer a warranty on their products. They will repair or replace your air mattress if anything goes long. This will save you from having to buy a new one. Consider it an investment like a new work laptop!

Of course, if you find a great product on sale, it’s your lucky day!


Don’t buy a new air mattress without checking the materials. 

Usually, producers make them out of PVC. That’s because it’s synthetic, soft, and light. Importantly, it’s also usually safe, unlike cheaper alternatives. Some plastics contain toxic chemicals that may cause allergic reactions. 

Another increasingly popular material is plastic urethane. It’s more durable than PVC, but it’s also pricier. But if you’re planning on making it your regular bed, then it’s worth it. 

These days most premium brands add textile reinforcement to their mattresses. This protective layer decreases the risk of abrasions and the chances of leaking. We highly recommend this for anybody thinking of using their airbed on a near-daily basis. 

Final Thoughts

There is a lot to consider before buying an air mattress for long-term use.

If you’re using it every day, you naturally increase the risk of it sustaining damage. Typically, they’re designed for camping, short vacations, and guests. However, the convenience of airbeds ensures that they remain popular. 

Try to avoid putting your mattress in a situation where it may be torn or receive excessive weight. The best way to reduce the chance of this happening is to stow it away. Remember to check your air mattress regularly for leaks. As air releases, it creates a gentle hissing sound. You should stop using your mattress immediately if you hear this. 

Hopefully, now your airbed will last for a long time!

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