Health Benefits of Sleeping on An Air Mattress

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Air mattresses are very popular because they are so convenient. 

They’re light, easy to stow, and usually cheaper than a standard mattress. If you have guests in your home or you don’t want to spend all of your savings, it could be a great option. 

However, many medical professionals recommend they shouldn’t be used in the long term. Despite this, some medical beds do have some surprising health benefits. Let’s look at conventional and medical air mattresses. They can enhance your sleep and quality of life in several useful ways. 

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Do Air Mattresses Provide Health Benefits? 

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Most people know that potential issues may arise if you use an air mattress all the time. However, some airbeds can provide health benefits in unexpected ways. 

Let’s look at them. 

Back Support

Hear us out before you raise your eyebrows. 

One of the biggest problems with standard airbeds is their lack of back support compared to a regular mattress. However, some people with back problems prefer the former style. They prefer not to sleep on a firm mattress because it’s too uncomfortable or even painful. 

Fortunately, you can inflate or deflate an air mattress to your personal preference. Sure, there’s a risk that it may deteriorate over time. But if it improves your quality of sleep, it may be a chance you’re willing to take!

Blood Circulation

One way that medical air mattresses can help you is by improving your blood circulation. 

It should be noted that this won’t be the case with every airbed. However, many people enjoy air mattresses because the pressure points adjust when you change position. This enhances your blood flow while you’re sleeping. 

Blood circulation is important because it enables your body’s organs to function properly. As people age, their blood circulation can slow down. This can result in fatigue and drops in concentration throughout the day. A good night’s sleep can make all the difference. 

Mattresses can work in the same way as a massage by stimulating your body and releasing the tension in your muscles. 

Temperature Regulation

Your body temperature plays a key role in the quality of your sleep. 

If you’re too hot, you’ll struggle to become comfortable. Meanwhile, if you feel cold, it could result in illness. A good mattress will help regulate your body’s temperature for a better experience. 

Historically, conventional air mattresses have a poor reputation when it comes to this. 

However, more advanced models can low-air loss technology. This enables the mattress to dissipate air through tiny air holes slowly. It provides relief from the heat during the hot summer months. 

This also creates a weightless sensation that makes the airbed’s occupant feel like they’re floating!

Advantages of A Medical Air Mattress

If you want to guarantee the best airbed experience, you should consider a medical air mattress or mattress topper. 

They are more expensive than standard airbeds but have multiple advantages that make them a superior option. Check out these benefits now!

Hospital Grade Technology

clean hospital bed with air mattress – clipping path

Medical airbeds are used in hospitals, so it makes sense that they have advanced technology. 

Potential buyers can rest assured that they have an advanced mattress to serve their needs. Everybody wants a comfortable night of sleep, but sometimes you have to pay a little extra. However, it’s worth it. 

We spoke earlier about their air release technology. Anybody who has tried to sleep on a humid summer’s night will agree that it’s a nightmare. This doesn’t have to be the case if you have a medical airbed. 

Meanwhile, you can adjust the pressure to your personal preference. If you have a queen-sized air mattress, you can even change both sides. This may even remove some tension from your relationship because you’ll both be comfy!


Cheaper air mattresses use materials like PVC, which are highly flammable. 

On the other hand, medical airbeds are much safer. They typically have flame-proof coverings that reduce this risk. This might not seem like a big deal if you don’t smoke in your bedroom. 

But it’s better to be safe than sorry. You never know what could happen!

Programmable Air Control Pump

Another great aspect of medical air mattresses is the ability to manipulate their pressure. 

This ensures that the occupant has the amount of support they require. Some people prefer harder mattresses, while others enjoy a soft bed. An air control pump allows the user to find the point of perfection accurately!

Different people find certain pressure points uncomfortable or even painful. That’s why an air control pump is such a valuable accessory. Bear in mind that they aren’t available with cheaper airbeds. 

Health Risks of Sleeping on An Air Mattress

We’ve looked in depth at the potential health benefits of sleeping on an air mattress. 

However, it’s important to note that standard airbeds are not intended for long-term use. Some health risks may arise as a result of increased use. Furthermore, your mattress may deteriorate and leak over time. 

That’s why it’s best to invest in a premium mattress if you plan to use it every night!

Lack of Support

A premium medical air mattress or cover can provide support for your back. But the opposite is the case with cheaper products. 

They lack the structural integrity to support your spine for prolonged periods adequately. You may experience pain and stiffness if you continue to sleep on an airbed. Some people think that placing an air mattress on a standard bed frame will solve this issue.

In reality, it will only exacerbate the problem. 

Most bedframes have multiple wooden or metal slats that hold the mattress in place. A standard mattress is dense enough to retain its shape on the frame. However, air mattresses may sink over time. 

As well as potentially damaging your airbed, you could hurt yourself. The mattress cannot support your body properly. Furthermore, it may leak, leading to a further reduction in density. 

Uneven Temperature Regulation 

Medical air beds and mattress covers can regulate your temperature. 

Remember that cheaper options won’t be able to do this. Materials like PVC and vinyl retain heat, so they’ll be less comfortable in hot weather. It’s not a big deal if you’re sleeping overnight in a guest room. But if you’re using it all of the time, you’ll quickly realize that it’s not sustainable. 

Eventually, you may fall asleep through sheer exhaustion. But your quality of sleep will be lower than if your temperature regulation is on point. 

Risk of Falling 

There is also a higher risk of falling off an airbed than a standard mattress. 

This is especially true if you use it incorrectly and place it on a regular bed frame. The chance of the shape warping and the mattress leaking will increase. It’s inadvisable to allow children to sleep on it because they may fall off. 

Air mattresses don’t have the same stability as heavier permanent options. Remember that they are intended for short-term use and not to replace a standard mattress. The latter has the structural integrity to offer the support that your body requires. 

Enhance the Lifespan of Your Air Mattress

If you want to enjoy your airbed for a prolonged period, you must look after it properly. Look at these tips and keep them in mind!

Maintain Air Pressure

Mattresses should provide an appropriate level of back support. If your air mattress doesn’t have enough pressure, it won’t fulfill this. 

That’s why you should pump it to the manufacturer’s specifications. Over time your airbed may leak. This is normal but remember to inflate it again. If you don’t, you may suffer aches and pains. 

Furthermore, your airbed may be more susceptible to damage. 

Stow Away

If you live alone, this may not be something you will consider. 

However, it’s advisable to stow your air mattress away when you’re not using it. This way, people won’t be tempted to sit on it. This disproportional pressure can damage the seams and the long-term integrity of your airbed. 

Also, it removes the risks of accidents happening during the day.

Children, pets, and even adults can all cause inadvertent damage. Store your mattresses in a sealable box or a separate cupboard if you want to ensure their protection. 

Final Thoughts

Airbeds can offer some health benefits. 

This is especially true of medical airbeds, which are easily available online. However, remember that they cost more than standard options. They utilize technology to great effect to provide a good night’s sleep. 

But most airbeds are not ideal for long-term use because they’re not designed for it. Most people use them for visiting guests or even for camping trips. They’re great for sleepovers but less so for prolonged use. 

They lack the structural support of a regular mattress, nor can they correctly regulate the temperature of the human body. It’s advisable to invest in a standard mattress when possible. You should do your research before buying one. 

Furthermore, consult a licensed medical professional before using an airbed for health benefits. 

Furthermore, consult a licensed medical professional before using an airbed for health benefits.

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