Aerobed Air Mattress for Kids: An In-Depth Review

Aerobed Air Mattress

There are many reasons why you should get an air mattress for your kids - other than the fact that they are just a whole lot of fun to sleep on.

You can use an air mattress for fun activities like indoor camping and sleepovers. You can even let them use it for their fort.

If your family travels a lot, a kids’ air mattress is indispensable. You can use it for camping trips, in some hotels and motels or even as an extra bed when you visit friends and relatives. It’s easy to setup, and you can clear it away in a minute.

Air mattresses are also very portable. They deflate into a very compact size and often come with travel/storage bag.

The AeroBed Mattress for Kids is an inflatable twin bed designed especially for junior users. It comes with all the safety features, support, and comfort a kid’s bed needs to have.

 Below is our full review of the Aerobed twin, for kids.

If you are looking for a full-size air bed for adults, see our guide for the best air mattresses.

About This Mattress

The Aerobed air mattress is a twin size, just big enough for a kid or two. It measures 50 by 25 inches on the surface and is a healthy 10 inches thick.

The extra-thickness, comparable to that of solid mattresses, makes the Aerobed mattress more comfortable than most in this class. It looks like a real mattress when covered with bedding, too.

The extra height is also a plus when you go camping. It protects from bugs and the cold.

Using the handheld AC pump that comes with the mattress, you can inflate it in less than a minute. It takes even less time to deflate it and stuff it in the travel bag.

Best AeroBed Mattress for Kids

The mattress is made to last for years. The heavy-duty PVC material can take plenty of abuse without tearing or leaking.

It is a good choice for toddlers as young as 2 or 3, and older kids up to 6-8 years of age.


  • External handheld AC pump
  • Beautiful kid-friendly design
  • Electronically welded seams for added durability and leak protection
  • Includes a 4-inch safety cushion
    • Includes a thick comfortable fitted pad
    • Inflates in less than a minute and deflates in 15 seconds
    • Carry/storage bag included

Who Should Buy It?

Parents with young kids! 

As I mentioned, the Aero air mattress is perfect for kids between 3 and six years of age.

Some parents say it’s works fine for kids as old as 10 or 11 years.

Just make sure that you do not exceed the weight capacity of 150 lbs

You don’t have to be frequent travelers to enjoy this Aerobed air mattress. There are many ways you can use it at home – sleepovers, living room forts, guest bed or even as a temporary bed.

If you are planning a camping trip, I highly recommend you buy this mattress. Get two or more if you have several kids.

The mattress is fairly light, weighing in at around 8.5 lbs when deflated (includes the weight of the pump, cover, and bag). So it’s not difficult to carry.

Another group of people I think will benefit a lot from this mattress is parents who make frequent visits to relatives and friends. Instead of kids sleeping on the couch, you can just lay out a couple of air mattresses on the rug.


The Aerobed twin doesn’t have much in the way of new technology. It is a simple but high quality air bed.

To make sure the mattress lasts long and provides adequate support, the manufacturer used heavy-duty PVC. So even if you have rowdy kids, the mattress will survive.

The seams are electronically welded, an essential feature in preventing leakages. Many air mattresses tend to develop leaks around the seams when the mattress material stretches.

The Aerobed twin does not have such issues. Customers say it stays fully inflated until you deflate it.

As more than one owner has suggested, you probably should keep your kids from jumping up and down on it. It will last longer.

Aerobed Air Mattress

The mattress doesn’t have a built-in electric pump.

Instead, it comes with an external easy-to-use plug-in hand pump. Just plug it into a regular wall socket and it good to go. It inflates the mattress in less than a minute.

Note that you may need to buy a separate battery powered pump for when you go camping.


The mattress measures 50 X 25 X 10 inches. It’s made from thick PVC.

On the surface, it doesn’t have a flocked top like most air mattresses. Instead, it comes with a fitted mattress pad.

The star and moon pad is thick and soft, so you don’t have to use sheets.It is very comfortable.

The mattress pad is removable and washable, too. If you are worried about stains, you can use a twin-size mattress cover on top of it.


Aerobed Air Mattress

With an inflation time of less than a minute and a deflation time of 15 seconds, this is one of the most convenient air mattresses you can get. You can set it up in 60 seconds and pack it up even faster.

It is also light and compact, making it easy to store and travel with. When it’s not in use, you can stuff it under the bed or in a closet.And when you hit the road, just roll it in the bag, and you are good to go.

Insider Thoughts


  • You don’t have to use sheets with this mattress. The fitted pad is enough.
  • To prevent stains, use a mattress protector
  • While this mattress is well built, try to keep your kids from jumping on it. This could weaken the seams and cause leaking.

Buying Advice

The Aerobed air mattress for kids is pricier than most junior air mattresses. But it’s worth it. Most verified owners are completely satisfied with it.

My Verdict

This is one of the best kids’ air mattresses you can buy. 

It’s durable, straightforward to use and convenient.

It’s also versatile. Your kids will love it for sleepovers and impromptu living room camping adventures - as well as the real thing, outdoors.

If you have been thinking about getting an inflatable mattress for your kids, we highly recommend this one.

Our Rating

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