Coleman Airbed Cot Review

Coleman Airbed

Most air mattresses designed for camping are just cheap, simple stand-ins for an actual bed. Support and comfort are an afterthought.

The Coleman Air Mattress is different.

It's an advanced mattress that provides an outstanding all-around sleeping experience. It feels just as firm and supportive as a luxury firm mattress, it includes a frame that lifts the mattress to the same height as a bed, and there are two built-in side tables complete with cup holders.

All of these features add a ton of luxury, when you go camping.

For these reasons, the Coleman Airbed is one of the most popular camping air mattresses online. It is used by families, backpack trackers, hikers and all other kinds of outdoor enthusiasts.

Keep reading to get  our in-depth review of the Coleman air mattress.

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About This Mattress

The Coleman queen air mattress is primarily a camping air mattress. It has the comfort, sturdiness, ease of use and ground clearance you need when outdoors.

But you can also buy it for use at home either as your bed or as a guest bed.

The folding steel frame is included with the mattress, but you don’t always have to keep it on. You can lay the mattress directly on the ground or floor.

Coleman Airbed Cot Review

The mattress feels just like a solid mattress, thanks to a supporting coil system inside. It also comes with an AirTightsystem that ensures there is no leak at all once you inflate it.


  • AirTight system to prevent leaking and loss of support.
  • Zipped cover to prevent the mattress from shifting.
  • 22inch bed height.
  • Foldable steel frame includes.
  • 600lbs weight capacity and 6feet maximum height.
  • ComfortStrong coil system for added support and durability.
  • Queen size.
  • 2 Side tables and cup holders included.
  • Fast inflation with an external pump.
  • No assembly required.

Who Should Buy It?

Anyone who needs a quality high-performance air mattress for use at home or outdoors.

Most customers bought it for camping. The 22-inch ground clearance, steel framing, and heavy-duty material make the Coleman perfect for the outdoors. Since it requires no assembly, you can set it up to anyone in a matter of minutes. Just unfold the frame and inflate the mattress and you are good to sleep.

If you are going camping as a couple, the Coleman can easily sleep two people. If you are going as a family, you can buy this for you and your partner and the Coleman twin for your kids.

It is also a great buy for anyone who is looking for an extra air mattress for guests or their use. It comes in handy when you have more guests than you expected or if you are in an apartment short of sleeping spaces.

You can also buy it as a temporary bed before you get a firm mattress although it can also work as a permanent bed thanks to the sturdy frame and thick material.

If you love traveling, whether it’s outdoors or to visit friends and family, I highly recommend you get this air mattress. It’s much more comfortable than sleeping on the couch.


The best part of the Coleman blow up mattress is its ComfortStrong coil system. This is a basically series of air columns that hold up the mattress when it is inflated.

The coils prevent bulging that is common with air mattresses.

Most importantly they provide support when you lie on the mattress. They ensure that your body weight is evenly distributed across the mattress and that vulnerable area like your lower back is naturally aligned.

Coleman Airbed

These coils also play an essential role in the durability of the airbed, especially if you sleep on it often.

Another important technology in the Coleman mattress is the AirTight system.

A lot of air mattresses tend to leak when inflated and become uncomfortable to sleep on.The Coleman air bed cot uses a double lock valve, what they call the AirTight system, to ensure there is no leakage at all.

The valve is dual sealed. The first seal prevents leakage when you remove the pump and the second one maintains pressure when you are asleep.


The Coleman is a queen sized air mattress, although you can also get a Coleman twin air mattress.

The whole setup consists of a metal frame and a heavy-duty nylon mattress, which is inside a zippered sleeve.With the sleeve on, the air mattress looks precisely like a foam mattress.

Coleman Airbed

When fully inflated, using an external battery-powered pump, it measures 78 X 59 X 22 inches. There is still plenty of space left underneath the frame. You can put your stuff there especially if you are traveling.

When you are ready to pack up, the mattress deflates in just a couple of minutes. You can then roll it up into the provided travel bag.


Coleman Airbed

The Coleman airbed comes with an external battery-powered pump (no batteries provided).So it’s just as easy and fast to inflate the mattress as it is with a built-in pump.

The external pump also makes it convenient to set up the mattress outdoors where you have no access to an outlet.

There is no assembly process at all. Just unfold the frame and inflate the mattress. Packing is also quick. The travel bag comes in handy for storage and travel.

Insider Thoughts


  • You can use the frame on its own without the mattress. Some campers prefer sleeping on the frame in a sleeping bag.
  • You can also use the mattress on its own without the frame. Remove the cover and place the mattress directly on the floor or ground.
  • If you are planning to use it at home, use it with sheets for added comfort.

Buying Advice

While the Coleman airbed is regarded as mostly for campers, it is perfect for many other situations.

You can buy it for your guest room, your kids’ sleepovers (get the twin size) or even as your bed. So you don’t have to be a camper or frequent traveler to enjoy this air mattress.

My Verdict

This is one of the best multi-purpose mattresses selling today, and arguable the best air bed you can buy for camping. 

The design of the Coleman is high quality; durability is guaranteed; and, it provides the comfort and support of a luxury firm mattress.

I highly recommend it.

Our Rating

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