Intex Pillow Rest Raised Airbed: In-Depth Review

Intex Air Mattress

The Intex Pillow Rest Air Bed is a simple, super-comfy air mattress with a built-in electric pump that makes inflating it a breeze. It's also a great value.

With the press of a button, the built-in pump in this Intex Air Mattress inflates the bed in less than four minutes.

 If this is not the kind of air mattress you are looking for, read our air bed buying guide to learn about other top-rated choices. 

About This Mattress

The Intex Pillow Rest is one of the most popular and highest rated air mattresses on Amazon. Customers like it for its ease of use, sturdiness, comfort, and durability.

Most have had theirs for years, using it for all kinds of things from living room camping adventures for kids to fun sleepovers and even as a guest bed.

The built-in electric pump allows you to set up the air bed in minutes and anywhere. When you no longer need it, just deflate it and roll it up in the provided carry/storage bag.

It’s a excellent choice if you are looking for a comfortable, sturdy and long-lasting mattress that’s versatile enough for different uses.

Intex Air Mattress


  • Built-in electric pump with 4-minutes inflation time (3 minutes for the twin).
  • Flocked top for added comfort.
  • Double layer waterproof material and vinyl beams for added support and durability.
  • 16.5 inches height for a solid mattress feels and look.
  • Carry/storage bag included.
  • Deflates quickly into a compact shape that’s easy to roll up.
  • Dual chamber construction
  • Consists of a built-in pillow.

Who Should Buy It?

Anyone who needs a multi-purpose air mattress for use at home. Because of the extra height and waterproof material, it can also be used for camping.

At home, you can set it up in the guest bedroom or just keep it around and lay it on the living room floor when there are guests. The Queen size Intex can easily sleep two adults while the twin size is ideal for one adult or a couple of kids.

The mattress comes in handy especially for apartments where sleeping space is limited.

You can also use it as your contemporary or permanent bed. The flocked top makes it comfortable while the vinyl beams provide good support. And with a height of 16.5 inches, it feels almost like an actual solid bed.

If you plan on using it for camping, I recommend you also get an external manual or battery-powered pump. Connecting the Intex airbed valve with an external pump is easy.


The Intex Pillow Rest airbed uses a built-in plug-in air pump. To inflate the mattress, just connect the pump to a power outlet. The mattress will inflate in less than four minutes.

One thing I love about the pump valve is that you can also use it with an external pump. This comes in handy when you go camping. Just carry a small battery-powered pump and extra batteries, and you’ll be okay.

For support and durability, the mattress has a double-layered wave beam interior. This protects against punctures, especially during outdoor use and stretching over time. It also keeps the mattress rigid and firm when you lie on it.

Whether you are 100 or 200 pounds, the mattress maintains its sturdy, supportive feel. There were no complaints of backaches or discomfort from customers.

The weight capacity is 300 pounds.


One of the best design features about the Pillow Rest is the built-in inflatable pillow. With the pillow and the flocked top, the mattress is essentially ready to use out of the box. You just need a blanket.

If you decide to use sheets, I recommend fitted ones corresponding to the size of your mattress. They fit snugly around the ridged edge of the mattress. This ensures the sheet remains in place through the night.

As I mentioned, the Intex Pillow airbed uses vinyl beams at the top for support and comfort. The mattress feels pretty firm and sturdy. You’ll feel almost no difference with a solid mattress.

When inflated, the mattress is 16.5 inches high. When deflated, it goes completely flat. You can quickly roll it up and store it in the bag.

Regarding aesthetics, the airbed keeps it plain and simple. The queen size is a dark blue shade - what Intex calls blue downy – while the twin size is a simple grey.


Intex Air Mattress

The built-in pump makes the Intex air bed convenient to use. You don’t have to struggle with a manual pump. You can unpack and set up the mattress in just 5 minutes.

When you are ready to pack it up again, it deflates fast into a flat shape. When deflated, it’s fairly light and easy to carry around especially with the bag.

It takes up very little space when not in use. Just push it under the bed, put it in the closet or lean it against a corner out of the way until the next sleepover or guest visit.

Insider Thoughts


  • You can sleep on the mattress without sheets. The flocked top is quite comfortable. Also, you don’t need a pillow; there’s already one on the mattress.
  • Don’t panic if the mattress sags a little bit during the first two nights. That’s the material stretching. It’s normal in most air mattresses. Give it 72 hours, and it will be perfectly okay.
  • Be careful with pets especially those with long sharp claws. With repeated scratching, they can puncture the material.

Buying Advice

The Intex air mattress is designed for all kinds of situations.

So don’t assume that you have to be going camping or planning a sleepover to buy the mattress.

It will also work fine for overnight guests. You can take it with you when you visit friends and family, too.  It's weatherproof, so you can use it with your kids for star-gazing in your backyard and so on.

My Verdict

The Intex Pillow Rest is one of the best-rated multi-purpose air beds you can buy.

It is comfortable, sturdy and durable. And the price isn’t bad either.

Our Rating

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